The Curlew Country project was developed by a group of volunteers in partnership with The Peak District National Park Authority Ranger Service and Staffordshire Wildlife Trust. It engaged the local communities in a series of environmental, educational and artistic activities and events, which were showcased on the original website with some elements reproduced on this newer site. Our intention was to widen public knowledge and understanding of the curlew and the Moorlands area which forms its summer habitat, and consequently to stimulate interest – and action – in conserving our local heritage.
The Curlew Country project was born as a direct result of local people attending workshops to explore the possibilities of using nature as a form of celebration.

The main aim of the work of the Group was to work in partnership with other agencies to conserve and secure the habitat of the Curlew in the North east Staffordshire Moorlands; to bring a closer sense of connection between people living in the locality and their immediate natural environment; to build a strong sense of community – working across boundaries/age groups – to bring a celebratory event to fruition